Does anchor linking not work?

Things I have tried

Hi all, I’ve tried using this way of anchor linking:

i.e. write the link
and set the link some text
this doesn’t work however, am I misunderstanding the discussion above or has this changed?

Are there alternatives?

I am exporting the note to HTML and I’d love for it to be a correct working anchor link, it seems that block links doesn’t translate to anchor links when exporting.

Many thanks in advance!

The zip attached has a Markdown file and and an HTML version of the same file.

The first same-page link works in Obsidian.

The second same-page link works when exported to HTML.

What you want? (6.7 KB)

I noticed that it works when exporting, I was hoping that it would also work in obsidian directly?
edit: but if it doesn’t then its clear I misunderstood the conversation I linked to before.

AFAIK only the same-page wiki-style links (the first link in the sample file) work in Obsidian. Same-page HTML anchor links only work when exported.

I see, thanks, I did misunderstand then. Too bad because the block links don’t work on export. Cheers!

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