Linking an unlinked mention has destructive behavior (introduces spurious text as alias)

Steps to reproduce

  • Backlink to the active page by clicking “Link” in the Backlinks-Sidepanel
  • On some occasions it happens, sometimes it doesn’t

Expected result

  • It should just simply link the page name like normal

Actual result

  • Sometimes it moves the linking-portion a couple characters infront, creating a garbled character-mess
  • In this example, I am in the page called “CRP”, but when clicking on “Link” in the sidebar it didn’t place the backlink on the characters “CRP” in the other page, but instead a couple letters infront



  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Obsidian version: v0.12.3

Additional information

This is a really annoying issue, as I regularly end up having to fix the garbled mess by hand. Any help is greatly appreciated!

I am not sure I understand you problem. I can’t repro it.
Can you post some reproduceble steps with actual text that couses this?

It is inconsistent unfortunately. Sometimes it works just fine, then when I try the same linking again it acts like described.
I tried disabling all plugins, snippets and themes, removed my .obsidian folder and even reinstalled Obsidian alltogether. That did not fix it, unfortunately. Any ideas?

Trying to describe my steps a bit better:

  • I have a page called “Untersuchung”. Another page, let’s call it “Page B” has the word “Untersuchung” in it and I want to link back to the Untersuchung-Page from the backlinks-sidebar (by clicking on the link-button)


  • Expected behaviour: Orientierende [[Untersuchung]]
  • Actual behaviour: Orientierende[[Untersuchung|nde Untersuchung]]chung

This happens about every tenth time, I try this. I have a feeling, it happens more frequently, when I backlink a lot in a row.

Ok, I understand your problem. Unfortunately, I have tried some variations and I couldn’t repro.

If you find reproducible steps, especially something that can be reproduced in the help vault, please let me know.

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Just want to add that I have experienced this exact bug as well. I also tried to figure out a reliable way to reproduce it and failed to do so. Since I’m on a Mac and the OP is using Windows, it’s doubtful this is an OS/platform bug. I haven’t seen this one for a while but since I’m pretty focused on these data loss bugs these days and seem to be quite “lucky” to hit all of these edge cases, I will try again to repro it.

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