Limit line length with a sliding bar or with input

Use case or problem

When the line length option is disabled in settings, the text takes up the whole screen length, and the text gets too long. But when I enable Readable line length in Editor, the line length is indeed reduced, but is reduced to a fixed length.

Proposed solution

In other programs, such as, Focuswriter, Nimble Writer and Scrivener, there’s a slide bar that allows you to choose the line length with a slide bar, and you can choose how long the slide bar is. Or being able to type it, like in the screenshot. At the moment you either get the option where the line takes up the entire screen length, or a fixed length you can only change in CSS settings.

Current workaround (optional)

I’m actually able to change the line length in the CSS settings of my current themes and add the following code:

.markdown-source-view, .markdown-preview-view {
max-width: 1000px;
margin: auto;

But I don’t like constantly having to add codes in css files for a simple feature, such as max-line-length.
When I switch to another theme, I have to add the code in the CSS file again, which I prefer to do with a slide bar.

Related feature requests (optional)


Are you adding the code to the theme’s files or using a CSS snippet?