Readable line length should scale with font size

Use case or problem

Readable line length should scale with font size.

With 0.12.3 you can now ctrl-scroll to adjust font size.
I love this new feature, but especially when only having one note open it quickly wraps the line, when you increase font size and have Readable line length turned on in the settings.

Proposed solution

Options coming to mind:

  • max characters per line (independent of zoom, but brings its own problems with non-monospace fonts)
  • scale the width together with font size (I don’t know if this will have larger implications (plugins, and code)

Since this might not be something everyone wants, one should be able to turn it off in the settings.

Current workaround (optional)

I turn Readable line lenght on and off depending on my work.

For now this could probably be implemented with a plugin, however it feels like it should be part of the main editor, since it directly ties in with the native functionality. That is why I am sharing it as a feature request.


+1 to something like this. Even a plugin would suffice for now.