Layout shift when navigating back/forward

(This topic is a follow-up to Page jumps when navigating back/forward.)

When I navigate forward and back in the same panel, there’s a noticeable jump in the page. Meaning:

  • From the current note, I navigate back.
  • Obsidian moves to the approximate position I was earlier in the previous note.
  • Then the page jumps again to its right position.

This is an annoying issue that makes Obsidian feel slow (even when it isn’t).

Steps to reproduce

When I start here:


And then navigate backward, Obsidian goes to the previous note:


But then there’s another jump to the proper location:


(Notice how this jump is about 7 lines.)

Here is the ‘Developer Tools’ recording of the ‘Performance’ tab, from which those three screenshots are also made.

If you analyse that file, you’ll see that there are two layout shifts for every navigate back/forward action. The first layout shift is the proper one. The second one is the one that creates the note jump. A smooth user experience happens when there’s one layout shift.

Let me know if I can provide more information. I really want this issue to be fixed, so if I can help in just a little way, please let me know. Thanks!

Additional information

  • Obsidian 0.12.10
  • Installer version: 0.12.10
  • OS: Windows 10 64-bit
  • Theme: custom CSS disabled, using the default white theme.
  • Third-party themes? Not used and not installed.
  • Third-party plugins? Not used and not installed.
  • Core plugins active: File explorer, Search, Quick switcher, Backlinks, Daily notes, Command palette, Starred, Random note, Workspaces, File recovery, Sync.
  • Both Obsidian and the Vault folder added as exceptions to Windows Defender (antivirus).

Related layout shift issues

if it’s the same issue, is it worth opening a new bug report?

I can’t post in the other topic anymore because it’s closed.

I asked on Discord what to do when a bug topic is closed without reply/fix. From the chat I learned that, if there’s new information, I should open a new topic instead.

But I’m also fine posting in the original topic, if you can unlock it.

isn’t this still open?

You posted here?

I agree that the issues are highly similar. But I’m actually following your lead. :slight_smile:

Back in March when I reported the ‘page jumping’ issue with the information in one post, you splitted my post into two additional topics for three different topics in total.

I took that as a strong signal that you want to discuss & track these similar behaviours in different threads. That’s why I did so with the recent information too.

I spitted them because I believe those were different problems. I think this is the manifestation of the same bug. Either changing notes via navigation arrows or file explorer.

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