Keybindings.json file

I have seen some keyboard-short cut problems in the forum recently, which I intended to report, like these 3 problems below:
I think a keybindings.json file can be the final solution. (instead of APIs nor the Vim plugin.)

as mentioned in Obsidian Release v0.6.0

The OTHER big news: You can now follow links with the keyboard. By default, follow the link under the cursor with alt-Enter

But in v0.8.2, control panel, we cant see an option for follow the link under the cursor although the function and hotkey exists.


I already see this JSON file in the .obsidian/.config file. It could be useful if we have a detailed file.


Another +1 for this

Another +1. There’s already an option to enable Emacs-legacy. Perhaps instead the keybindings can be read from a file (defaulted to the Emacs-legacy bindings)?

Not being able to use custom keybindings for navigating through the text makes transitioning to obsidian difficult.