Mac hotkeys for Back/Forward

It’s currently mapped to cmd+right/left arrow - the problem is those hotkeys are used generally used to move the cursor to the beginning & end of a sentence.

Much more common back/forward hotkeys for mac are cmd+[ and cmd+] (used in Safari & Chrome)


If you go to settings you should be able to change it to what you prefer FYI

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As @lizardmenfromspace points out, it is very possible to change the default, but I side with @froggy_legs.

CMD+[ and CMD+] are extremely common for navigating back/forward in many, many macOS apps, they should be the defaults on Obsidian.

Moreover, the current hotkeys CMD+-> and CMD+<- conflict with standard text cursor navigation (to start/end of line) on macOS. Arguably, from a UX perspective, that is even more critical.

By the way, there is a bug already filed by @Alexander that points out another conflict, this time with CMD + [ and CMD + ] in edit mode: Mapping back/forward shortcuts to Cmd+[ and Cmd+] still triggers their default behavior

And I am experiencing that conflict right now…

Hopefully all these macOS keyboard shortcut issues will get sorted out soon :slight_smile:

I think control + arrow keys is an option.
In v0.8.1, I find in the settings, it says the hotkey for “Navigate back” is set to "cmd+alt+ left arrow ". But there is a problem remained: in Preview Mode, cmd+left arrow can still move back while it should be disabled.