Keeping zoom level between sessions

What I’m trying to do

The default zoom level is too small on my monitor, so I want to use 144% as my default zoom level.

Things I have tried

I’ve looked through the forums and found a similar issue, but their solution of creating a new vault didn’t work. I tried using a new vault and changing the zoom level, but my zoom level setting still didn’t persist.

Is there a setting in .obsidian/appearance.json that should change with the zoom level setting? I’ve looked in the file and didn’t see anything related to zoom.

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It resets for me too. I’m not sure if it’s a bug, or intended.

But it works in the Sandbox vault.

I tried deleting my .obsidian folder (after saving a copy). I disabled all snippets. I’m on default theme. And it still resets each time.

What OS are you on? I’m on MacOS like that other thread.

Alternatively, instead of setting zoom, you could use a CSS snippet and permanently adjust the style of all text to be bigger. Maybe it would even be possible to detect which system you are on, so it won’t affect mobile, for example. (If you sync.)

Yep, the CSS snippet works. I created a file called zoom.css in .obsidian/snippets that just contained

body { zoom: 144%; }

and it did the trick, thanks for the tip!

I’m currently on a Linux system, but I imagine it works the same on MacOS

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I meant I wondered if the (possible) bug was just MacOS, but it’s good to know it happens on other OSs too.

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