Obsidian 1.0.3 not saving selected UI Zoom value after closing

On Mac OS 10.14.6, Obsidian 1.0.3 is not saving the Zoom value.

Steps to reproduce

open settings
set zoom value to e.g. 120%
close settings
close obsidian
restart obsidian

Expected result

UI still set to the selected Value

Actual result

reset to default


  • Operating system:
  • Debug info:
    Mac OS 10.14.6

Additional information

works for me.

download and reinstall obsidian. post a screen recording of this happening in the sandbox vault.

The issue seems to stem from the vault i’m using.
I created a new vault and it saved the zoom value.
The Vault with the problem was created in Obsidian 0.12.19.

Solved the issue by creating a new vault and copying the data, so obsidian would create a new settings file/folder

Seems to be that Obsidian 1.0.3 has problems interpreting the files from the hidden .obsidian folder in the vault if that was created by an older version, the files in mine were created by Version 0.12.19

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I don’t think so.

Then why is it happening?

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