Kanban Board rendered from markdown

Hi guys the plugin is already done for Visual Studio, it will be great if somebody can implement it as Obsidian plugin. Im just thinking that it may require from devs to add some code to support this view when Code view is switched to Preview mode.


Playing around with my scratchpad I figured out a hacky but adequate way to represent a Kanban in the moment :smile: basically using tables and card embeds,

The main missing pieces are the ability to modify the table dimensions / column widths and the ability to drag elements between swim-lanes, but I think this is fine for now!

| To Do| In Progress | Done |
| --------- | - | - |
| ![[Todo]] | | ![[PET_biodegradation]] |
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OH THIS IS NEAT! im totally going to give this a try now


thanks sharing, this is handy for me to manage todos solely in VS-code.

I just started splitting my screen into three parts and created a folder named “Kanban”. So far it works well! Just need to manually move things over.


Wow. I finally had to create an account to thank everyone in this thread for these very useful contributions. I hope to see a full kanban plugin soon but in the meantime these are all very clever solutions.