File as Kanban board

Edit: this plugin → Kanban Plugin

I use Obsidian for lightweight managing of various projects, as the ease of creating (nested) task lists and links to other project pages is superb. In order to keep projects organized, I use headings, e.g.,

# Books

## Backlog

- [ ] The Art of War
- [ ] The War of Art

## Reading

- [ ] Atomic Habits

## Finished

- [x] Getting Things Done

For simple lists (like the example above), this is sufficient, but it can get unwieldy when large, complex lists of subtasks are involved. In order to make use of the visual kanban process flow while still retaining the simplicity and integration of Obsidian, it would be great to have a plugin that can toggle the view of a file from standard linear (top to bottom) to kanban (left to right) with columns determined by headings. To be clear, the value of this kanban functionality (board with lanes) would be in editor mode primarily (as well as view mode). I don’t know how difficult it would be to provide that functionality, but it would be great to have!

Other nice features could include:

  • a customizable hotkey to swap a line left or right between lists (the horizontal analog to the “swap line or updown” hotkey already in Obsidian)
  • lane divisions configured by the user (e.g., #, ##, etc.)
  • automatically complete tasks under a certain heading (i.e., “# Finished” or similar)



I built imdone to solve this problem. The best part is I can open the source file of a card directly from the board. I haven’t set up the custom open commend for obsidian yet, but I plan to this weekend. (Just added a card for this in imdone!)


That’s would be great !

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I just released imdone 1.8.0 with the ability to open the card source file in obsidian.


Ok. With the “open files in” settings on “custom” ?

Yes, that’s it