Issues with F11 hotkey (and other Function keys)

  1. Can’t assign F11 as a hotkey. Nothing happens in UI - no indication of wrongdoing.
  2. Pressing the key itself is throwing into a type of full-screen mode.
  3. There is no indication of what that mode is. It is not documented anywhere.
  4. Neither is it found in the list of current functions/hotkeys.
  5. I can’t disable this function/Function-key.

I found this bug report: Function keys can't be bound as hotkeys without modifiers

  • The functionality itself can already be done by modifying hotkeys.json file and leaving modifier array empty. It’s just the UI that is lacking.
  • A mention (no link) of an open feature request existing.

I found only these 2 feature requests:

  1. Both of them have very little activity. Zero replies from developers/moderators.
  2. There is no indication that any of them is a future-work-in-progress.
  3. The bug report is thrown to the “bug graveyard” to be forgotten.
  4. The oldest feature request is 1.5 years old so from the outsider’s point of view it looks like nothing is going to be done about it, not unless somebody raises the topic from the dead. Perhaps this post will do the job?
  5. Additionally, all 3 topics are only talking about the problem of using the Function key as a hotkey, but none of them talk about other aspects.

Expected result

  1. To be able to use the F-keys as normal hotkeys.
  2. To be able to disable the F-key functionality.
  3. Until then, if it is not possible to assign them yet, it would be good to at least see the functions that are hiding behind the F-keys in the list of hotkeys:
    2.a) to see the functions; perhaps there is something useful there I can use.
    2.b) to decrease the confusion about the F-keys. Trying to assign a F-key and getting no indication of an error is much worse than getting an error “This Function key is already in use; you can’t use it for something else, sorry, it’s a special case”.


  • Operating system: Linux Mint 20.2 Cinnamon
  • Obsidian: the latest v0.13.19
  • Tested in Help Vault

Have you looked in the Linux or Gnome documentation? in Ubuntu Linux, F11 toggles between full screen and standard window for any application that has the focus.

The reason why F11 works that way is because it belongs to a set of very common shortcuts for the OS that most user in that OS expect to work that way. The same goes for ctrl-x cut and ctrl-v paste.

I don’t consider this a bug and I will merge the two FR you mentioned.

Be able of using the Function keys (F1-F12) to perform -> Functions <-

Sorry, to disappoint but what is promised to be implemented is in roadmap. No ETAs are ever specified.

But not everybody in this world uses OS…