Function keys can't be bound as hotkeys without modifiers

Reproduces without third-party stuff.

Steps to reproduce

  • Try to bind F1 to any command as a hotkey

Expected result

  • Want to bind function keys directly, without modifiers

Actual result

  • F1 doesn’t bind to a command
  • Binding Ctrl+F1 works flawlessly


  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Obsidian version: v0.12.19

we don’t support this yet. There’s an open feature request.


Do you know of any other apps that support this? I’ve personally never seen it. Usually plain function keys are reserved, and can’t be used as hotkeys.

VSCode is perfectly fine with straight function keys, for example.

There’s a way to sneak it into Obsidian as well, modifying hotkeys.json and leaving modifier array empty - but having it work from UI as well would be neat.


Emacs and Vim can too be configured to use function keys without modifiers.

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