Be able of using the Function keys (F1-F12) to perform -> Functions <-

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Use case or problem

  1. I cannot assign an ‘F’ key to a command.
  2. I cannot assign hotkeys to a layout in the Workspace plugin.

I really want to assign different layouts of the Workspace plugin to the ‘F’ keys, so I can change perspective easily and quickly, to a graph view, todo view, etc.

Proposed solution

  1. Allow the use of F2 to F12 as a hotkey

Current workaround (optional)

I don’t know.

Related feature requests (optional)

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Hello Anyone there?

Hi @cristian , fellow user here. Although assigning F3 doesn’t seem to work, I can assign Ctrl-F3, Shift-F3, etc.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Craig, thanks

But I wanted to use the function keys alone (no modifier) to perform functions. (Probably that’s why they are called function keys)

For example, in the IDE I use to program I use F1 to ‘search for everything’ and F2 to ‘rename’ It feels natural, and it’s far more quickly.

I think there is a way to ‘hack’ this by changing the config.