Issue using Obsidian Sync: sometimes duplication of content in same note


  • Obsidian on windows and MacOS, syncing using Obsidian Sync
  • Obsidian on Android, syncing using Obsidian Sync

Sometimes content in a note is duplicated. Actually not duplicated, but previous version seems to be below latest version. The complete previous version of the note is available below the complete new version of the note.


  • Couldn’t find another topic in this forum. Do you know if there is a topic existing?
  • Is this a known issue?
  • Any more info needed to solve the bug?


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I’m seeing something matching this description in my vault FYI, though I’m not totally sure if it’s due to Sync or not.

Are you creating the daily note on startup? In which notes is this happening?

I just had something like this happen as well.

I’ve moved this to bug reports now and have sent Licat a detailed report.

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Yes, daily notes are created on startup, but the duplication in the note, is not limited to daily notes. It occurs in other notes as well