IPad hidden folder

Hey all, how can I modify my template on my iPad? I can’t seem to find the .obsidian hidden folder with the theme files in it. I have searched on the forum but can’t seem to find anyone doing it.


What I’m trying to do


I used Settings → Appearance with Obsidian on the Mac to open the css folder.

Not sure how to do this directly on the iPad.

This is a hard one, in my limited experience. I’ve only ever had to mess with hidden folders on my iPad when I was experimenting with iVim, the iPad/iPhone version of the Vim text editor available on the app store. iVim, just like Vim, comes with the Netrw file browser, which allows creation and browsing into at least hidden folders that are used by iVim. I no longer have it installed, but the developer has his code repository on Github and was actively working on the product and responding to issues last summer.

Good luck!

You have to use a workaround for now: Toolbox Pro and Shortcuts.

See iOS Shortcuts - Share your ideas! - #25 by viticci and iOS Shortcuts - Share your ideas! - #33 by ryanjamurphy.

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