iOS Scrolling Problem with external mouse (both mobile app and publish)

Steps to reproduce

Scrolling within the iOS application using an accessory such as a mouse or trackpad has become quite laggy following the most recent update. Scrolling is no longer as fluid both within individual notes or even within the app’s settings window. However, scrolling using the touchscreen works as well as it did before.

Expected result

More fluid scrolling as was the case prior to the recent update.


Operating system: ios 16.4.1 (Apple iPad)
Obsidian version: 1.4.4 (99)
API version: v1.2.7
Login status: not logged in
Live preview: off
Legacy editor: off
Base theme: light
Community theme: none
Snippets enabled: 0
Restricted mode: on

Additional information

I am using a 3rd generation iPad Pro with an Apple Magic Keyboard. Scrolling using the trackpad is no longer smooth. However, scrolling using the touchscreen works normally.


Same here. It happened after upgrade to iPadOS 16.4.1


Oh, so it might not be an Obsidian issue per se?

It seems to be so, because it happens even when browsing Home - Obsidian Help using Safari.

Not sure if this is an upstream bug.

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This was also reported back in March: [Bug] Scrolling with Apple Mouse not working


Does the issue still exist for you? I haven’t performed any updates but it seems to have resolved itself for me. No idea how.

yeah…still there…
May I ask, have you done something to your iPad?

No. That’s what’s strange. The issue has simply gone away.

Anybody who has this problem, please specify which mouse exactly you have and attach a screen recording of this happening in a new empty vault.

Please add [Bug] or [Feature] to your post title, then delete this line.


[X] iOS
[ ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v1.4.3

Scrolling within the body of note is not working consistently for me with an Apple Mouse on an iPad10 (2022), iPadOS 16.4 Beta 4. It is sporadic AT BEST. The mouse works normally for me on all other manner of apps on the device.

I also experience sporadic ability to scroll.

Specifically, sometimes, using a mouse wheel, I can or can not scroll:

  • document in edit mode
  • document in live preview mode
  • sidebar list of files
  • quick switcher list
  • settings modal sidebar
  • settings modal content pane

Opening and closing file only fixes mouse wheel scroll in preview and edit mode for the initial switch between either mode, then mouse scroll only works in preview mode. Other applications I use consistently allow mouse scrolling on all scrollable interfaces.

  • os: iOS 16.4.1 (recently updated)
    prior version (I do not remember which) did not have this problem
  • mouse: Logitech Pebble (recently replaced)
    previous mouse (same brand and model) did not have this problem
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I have the same issue on my iPad Pro 5th gen, iPad OS 16.4.1, using a ROG Gladius III Wireless mouse connected using the dongle (not bluetooth). It is really limiting my productivity in Obsidian
on the iPad.

@Daveb08 is this still happening?

Yes, it is still happening as described.

I confirm the same error. IPad OS 16.4.1a, logitech M650 L mouse. It has been occurring for at least a few days. In other applications, the mouse wheel triggers the expected action.

I wonder if this is a problem introduced in a recent iOS update.

We believe this to be an upstream problem of Apple/Safari since it happens on websites too.

It’s been happening to me at least since at least the last several Insider-Mobile releases (months).

While working with a Note I ‘discovered’ an interesting wrinkle to this issue. Please see the screen grab attached with further explanation(s) of the anomoly.

If this happens in Obsidian Publish on safari, this is most certainty an Apple problem.