[iOS] Scroll position uncontrollably jumps to cursor when attempting to scroll away if something is transcluded at the top of the document

Steps to reproduce

  1. On iOS, create a note with many lines of text content so that the length of the note is multiple times the device’s screen height.
  2. At the top of the note, add a small piece of transcluded content OR a Dataview query. (Yes, this bug appears in restricted mode, but it also seems to be reproducible with a dataview query.)
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the note and place the cursor somewhere in the note content.
  4. Try to scroll to the top of the note.

Expected result

I am able to scroll freely.

Actual result

As I’m scrolling up, just before the transcluded content comes into view, the scroll position suddenly jumps back down to the location of the cursor.
(This makes it impossible to reach the top or move the cursor to the top. It is also hard to predict, making it hard to avoid.)


Operating system: ios 16.4.1 (Apple iPhone)
Obsidian version: 1.4.6 (105)
API version: v1.3.5
Login status: not logged in
Live preview: on
Legacy editor: off
Base theme: light
Community theme: none
Snippets enabled: 1
Restricted mode: on

Edit: Initially forgot to try this with CSS snippet disabled. Disabling the snippet and restarting the app did not help.


Yeah. This is pretty jarring. I run into this too when using Obsidian (same version, 1.4.6 / build 105) on my iPad. I turned on restricted mode and turned off my CSS snippets, but still ran into it.

Here’s a screen recording (Google Photos link - the forum wouldn’t let me upload the video directly)

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me and many others on the discord experience the same

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Hey chrsle, would you say this is the same issue as your report here? Or something different?

I know that question wasn’t directed to me, but I just tested this out: After removing the transcluded elements from the long note I was working with, I still noticed some funky scrolling behavior similar to the bug you linked to. However, if I add the transcluded element back in, the scrolling weirdness got worse (more frequent).

Maybe it is related to the overall complexity of the note and does not depend on having specific markup elements. That said, there may still be a bug specific to notes with transcluded or embedded content (perhaps associated with the application trying to refresh the data?)

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I honestly get funky choppy scrolling even with a plain note with plain text and nothing fancy in it, generally when scrolling from bottom to top. Something is fishy around scroll.

I experience this quite often too, on iPhone and tablet. I think this would qualify as a Blocker bug bc it makes working with even medium sized notes practically impossible.

Does anybody know if this is being worked upon?

I’m experiencing the same.

Hi ! Windows user here, and I experience the same problem.

The only difference is that it happens even when i’m writing, which is very annoying.

What I mean is, that on my note with 500 words, whenever I click on a line to keep writing, a character typed makes the page scroll up or down, the second brings me back to my line, and the third scroll all over again. And at some point, it just scrolls back up and down and I’m not able to see what i’m writing.

It’s very troublesome, even so when my note isn’t that long, and that I’ll have to make it longer in the future. I think the worst is that I’ve only started to use Obsidian recently, and to see it already unusable makes me question if I still want to use it. I mean, what’s the point of it being interesting to work with if I can’t even work.

I hope this problem will soon be resolved !

That sounds very frustrating!

I’m not an Obsidian expert, but your issue sounds like a different one - and potentially a more serious one - than the one I posted. It sounds like your issue is triggered by typing a character, whereas the issue I experience does not affect my ability to write.

I would suggest going through the recommended troubleshooting steps (disabling plugins and snippets, etc.) and reporting as a separate issue if you determine that a plugin is not responsible.

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@dz7 is the transcluded content from the same note or from some other note?

In other terms are you transcluding at the beginning of note something that is actually written later in the note?

No, the transcluded content was from another note.

This happens in Android as well. The workaround for me is to enter reading view. Also the plugin called Scroll to Top Plugin does just what it says in the tin.