Instant Note-Taking: Needs a Lightweight Sticky Note App for Obsidian

Use case or problem

I constantly use sticky notes on Windows because they are very quick to open and easy to write on. Due to this, I’ve accumulated many notes on the sticky notes app rather than being organized in Obsidian. I need a similarly fast and convenient note-taking solution within Obsidian. Otherwise my note would always be fragmented.

Proposed solution

Develop a tiny, efficient, sticky note-like application within Obsidian that allows users to create and manage notes quickly without opening the entire Obsidian application. Here are the key features and requirements:

  1. Instant Launch: The quick note-taking app should start almost instantaneously, similar to Sticky Notes, to facilitate rapid note-taking.
  2. Note Selection: Users must be able to select which existing note to append their new content to or choose to create a new note.
    • Since all notes are in basic markdown, it would be ideal to show the entire content of the notes. This allows users to insert their notes exactly where they want within the original note.
    • If displaying the full note content impacts startup time, consider adding a reminder or indicator within the main Obsidian app when the app is next opened. This reminder would alert users if notes have been appended to an existing note by the quick note application, allowing them to review and organize the content as needed.
  3. Plugin Management: While the quick note application should support plugins, their impact on startup time must be minimal. Users should have the ability to select which plugins to activate based on their needs and the performance impact.
  4. Essential Features:
  • Task Lists: Ability to create and manage to-do lists.
  • Tables: Simple table creation and editing.
  • Media Integration: Option to add images or videos to notes.
  • Hotkey: Provide a quick hotkey to activate and hide the quick note-taking app for fast access.
  1. Lightweight Mode: If implementing all these features significantly affects startup time, provide a lightweight version similar to Sticky Notes, focusing on rapid text entry and minimal overhead.

Current Workaround (Optional)

Currently, I rely on Windows Sticky Notes for quick note-taking and then manually transfer important notes to Obsidian. & Sometimes I just don’t This process is inefficient and disrupts my workflow.

Related feature requests (optional)

This feature has been suggested in the plugin request forum Quick Note Taker (like a Sticky Note), but it deserves attention as a core feature request for broader visibility and prioritization.

Implementing this feature would significantly enhance the usability of Obsidian for users who need a fast, efficient way to capture fleeting thoughts and ideas without the overhead of launching the full application.

  • You could have a system shortcut key that opens a markdown file of your vault into a text editor (or perhaps a markdown editor). Then, whichever the application you are working in, the shortcut key will open the file for you to add notes.
  • Alternatively, you could have a system shortcut key that launches a small batch script. That script would creates a new file in your vault, then open that in an editor for you to add a quick note.

Obsidian works with plain textfiles. That is what gives you all the freedom to work with the notes the way you see fit.

The suggestion to use a system shortcut key to open a markdown file in a text editor or to launch a small batch script to create a new file in one’s vault, while practical, misses the essence of what makes sticky notes so effective and user-friendly.

The primary reason for requesting a dedicated sticky note-like application within Obsidian is not merely the functionality of taking quick notes, but the “stickiness” and immediate accessibility that sticky notes provide. Sticky notes have a convenient UI and UX that make writing and finding notes effortless and visually pleasing. The ability to instantly see and access notes without additional steps or navigating through folders is crucial for maintaining productivity and ensuring that notes are not lost or forgotten over time.

While opening a markdown file or creating a new one via a shortcut key technically accomplishes the task of quick note-taking, it lacks the intuitive and seamless experience that sticky notes offer. The feature request aims to integrate this level of convenience and efficiency directly into Obsidian, enhancing the overall user experience and ensuring that notes are easily accessible and organized without additional effort.

In conclusion, the proposed alternatives do not address the core requirement for a quick, visually appealing, and highly accessible note-taking tool that integrates seamlessly into the user’s workflow, which is what makes sticky notes so valuable.

In the meantime …

Google Keep + Obsidian_Importer(Google Keep)

Understand your POV. What about using hover view to open a scratch note, or open the note in a new windows. You can then use the quickadd to add items to the note.

Being practical and having work to get done using this great and flexible tool, I am a believer that, “Perfect is the enemy of good”.

I use Notepad++ which can have multiple tabs open. where I make different notes. You can select where to save files (ex. Obsidian folder/vault) and then save with *.md extension. It is quick and lightweight.

Such a bad inconvenient Alternative! it adds way more steps than the current one. it doesn’t work offline! & even if I’ve 24/7 working connection. I still wouldn’t use it coz of too many damn steps involved! it would’ve been great. if it could automatically sync all those notes but one have to manually export them & then Import them! I’m requesting for something quick, seamless, & candy for the eye not something that does none of those for my lazy lifestyle. whereas @DJP method is still better. The reason why I don’t use Notepad++ is just coz of the bad UI & UX. if only sticky notes used Markdown files & gives users the freedom to store them wherever they want!

Alright guys I understand your urges to provide me with alternatives but this isn’t the request for one! I’m here to request for a upgrade in the current app not an alternative for it!

When I say I want sticky note functionality in Obsidian, I’m talking about integrating that ease of use and instant access directly into the app. It’s about making the process of writing and finding notes as smooth and visually appealing as possible. The alternatives you guys suggested, while technically feasible, don’t offer the same seamless experience. I don’t want to open a separate app or run a script every time I need to jot something down. I want it all in one place, within Obsidian, without breaking my workflow.

And @pshev , I get your point about “Perfect is the enemy of good,” but this isn’t about chasing perfection. It’s about making things better. I don’t need perfect; I need improved. I need something that feels integrated and natural within Obsidian. That’s why this feature request is here not to find another tool, but to enhance the one we love using.

So, let’s keep pushing for this improvement in Obsidian itself. It’s not about settling for good enough; it’s about making good even better.