Quick Note Taker (like a Sticky Note)

In the recent update, Evernote has come up with a quite note-taking addon which sits in the system tray and pops up on clicking Ctrl+Alt+H. Would it be possible to have something similar for Obsidian enabling us to take quite notes and stays over other applications like a Sticky Note.


Yes this would be highly useful for me too. I have mainly been using OneNote before and it comes with a Quick Note keyboard shortcut (Win+N) which I use very often I would like to do something similar with Obsidian.

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If that’s interesting for anyone, I can create a solution for that with AutoHotKey. I’d created a similar ultra-simple-quick-note-taking solution in the past, that basically displayed a window with three boxes: Title, main text, tags. When you clicked on a SAVE button, it was saved in a predefined, hard-coded path (but since AHK scripts are text-editable, it was changeable with any text editor). I can basically re-purpose it to remove any useless fluff I used, and upload it somewhere as “just that”. It wouldn’t open Obsidian’s editor, but at the same time, that’s not the point of any “quick note taking” solution.