Include full path in linked mentions?

I use meaningful folders and I’d like to see the full path in linked mentions—both folders and filenames, not just filenames.

For example, two folders:


I don’t want to just see “” in linked mentions—I want to see the full pathname, because ProjectA and ProjectB are two separate folders, and their seprate documents are very different.

Is that possible? Thanks!

In the settings under “Files & Links” find this setting:

Thank you for responding–but the response is incorrect.

Last night, I set “new link format” to “absolute path in vault.” I created a test document in my “_inbox” folder.

The backlink should have read “_inbox/test,” but instead it looks like this:


What I saw is that if you change the option and even restart the app, it doesn’t update the already created links.

When the option has changed to “Absolute path in vault” and you reloaded obsidian, you can now create new links that will have the absolute path.

This still doesn’t work for me.

I checked the option to ensure links are being saved as “Absolute path in vault.”

I quit the app, restarted it, and then chose “Reload app without saving” from the command palette.

I then created a document called “Test 1” and added a link to my daily note for today.

Here is the resulting Linked Mention:


The backlink source is listed as “Test 1,” when it should be “_inbox/test 1”

Now I’m confused.
You’re linking to the note and the entire path is visible.

What do you mean the link should be _inbox/test 1?
If you would link to that note called test 1 in the folder _inbox you’ll end up with [[_inbox/test 1]]

I don’t want to link TO “test 1” in the example above. I want to link FROM “test 1.” And in the backlinks panel of the target document, I want the source document to be identified with the full pathname, not just the document name.

The reason is I want to use duplicate document names in different folders. So if I see a source document in backlinks with a given name, I want to know which folder that link came from.

Let’s forget about “test 1” as a document name. Let’s use a more realistic example.

Let’s say I’m writing articles about “Star Trek,” “Star Wars,” and “Lord of the Rings.”

I create folders with those names.

Each of those folders will have a document named “_index,” containing an index of all the documents in the folder.

When I work on a project, I update the status in the appropriate “_index” document, and link back to that day’s daily note.

When I open the daily note, I will see a listing in backlinks from a document called “_index”. But which “_index” document is it? The one in the “Star Wars” folder, or “Star Trek,” or “Lord of the Rings”?

I want the backlinks panel to show the full folder path so I can see that information.

Is that possible?

And, yes, I can use different document names in each folder—it’s what I do now—but I don’t want to do that for reasons I guess I can go into but this comment has gone long enough.

I think I get it now, thank you for explaining it more thoroughly.

So basically you want to see in the backlinks the full path.

Here I see “Test” in my backlinks in my daily note, in Test it links to this daily note.
So you want it to look like “Obsidian Vault/Test” in my example

I’ve been looking through the settings, the console and searched for a plugin that might help me with this. But unfortunately I haven’t found any useful information on how to change this.

I think that this might be a Feature Request instead which you could post on the forums.

I’m not a professional, just a guy trying to help btw, so don’t take my word for it that it doesn’t exist

There’s a useful plugin called “Settings Search” which allows you to search through the settings more easily btw

Thank you for your effort helping—though it didn’t work out, I’m grateful!

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I created the feature request.

Thanks to @kenjibailly for—hopefully—helping me clarify it.

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