Forum behavior of auto close in Help section yields unsolved help requests

Use case or problem

The auto close after X days forum feature causes requests for help go permanently unanswered and yields new users, such as myself, to assume the Help section is an unreliable resource.

When this happens on feature requests, it excludes new users from adding their +1 to unimplemented features and conveys a feeling that if the devs ignore a requested feature long enough, it will get auto closed and brushed into the Feature Archive.


Proposed solution

Allow (remind) the poster to mark the request as resolved.
If it is a feature request, include in the auto close if the feature was accepted/denied.
Don’t use forum auto close.

Relevant discussion: Why do Forum topics close after 30 days? - #5 by Silver

Feature Requests don’t auto close. The one you linked to as an example was reportedly implemented, and marked as closed manually.

One of the help examples you linked was closed, but has a link to the relevant feature request, which is still open.

Help requests do close after 3 months. We made it that way because Obsidian is evolving at a fast pace.

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