Impossible to block link to headings in lists

It’s currently impossible to block link to a heading list item.

will be fixed in 0.13.25

Use case or problem

When we create a reference to a certain line with [[^^ it is created both for common lines, list items, and headers. But when it refers to a header that is a list item at the same time, it ceases to work.

For example, this…

…results in a broken reference.

Proposed solution

Please, make it possible for references to work with headers within lists.

Related bug reports


+1 on this feature request. I’ve +1 also on the related feature request per OP reference.

I’ve been using Outliner & Indentation Guide plugin for my daily journal. And some of the bullets I formatted them as headers for sectioning and better readability.

Would like to see this feature happen.

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