Linking concepts to text within the same note + Count/Display of concepts linked

I’ve been trying to link certain concepts to a heading or word within the same note, but not wanting to create another note or have it necessarily referenced outside that very same note. Furthermore, I’d like that the heading or piece of text could have displayed a list of the concepts which have been linked to it.

The current headings are not that useful. Also, I can’t embbed or link to headings in bullets or lists, something unfortunate for what I intend to do, which is to have a list of concepts available from a sort of heading class or key word in the same note; that could help to find quickly related items on specific categories. Ideally, I don’t wanna use tags because those aren’t only contained within the note and affect or are taken in consideration by the whole vault. I don’t want them overpopulating the Graph. I believe that make that happen (enable tags isolation for a single note or enclosed group of them) would be quite an undertaking to do, so by using standard link references should be enough. I’ll leave you a video gif about that very feature I’m talking about from Remnote.

There’s similar requests in those regards, but I didn’t found any specific solutions for what I intend. You can check de following topics:


If anyone has a workaround or knows some other way to achieve that, please feel free to suggest. Also, take in mind that I’m not precisely saavy in coding. Oh, and spare my explanation! I’m not a native english speaker, and not sure if I’m making my point, I hope so. Thank you!

Let begin by saying that we have no intention of becoming an outliner (or following the outliner bullet based model).

That being said, for your specific use case I would attempt to use link to blocks and not link to headers.

Probably I misunderstood and that’s utterly on myself, so I apologize for if what I’m going to say next ain’t appropriate, but that intervention of yours felt uncalled for and condescending.

I wasn’t expecting for Obsidian to become an outliner nor I ever thought that was part of the roadmap ahead. Me putting the example of Remnote doesn’t make the case for their entire ecosystem, instead I was highlighting a particular feature that I find interesting — as also would be the great nested links aspect from Roam, which I think it could be an awesome addition to Obsidian (but that’s onto another topic) —. About the heading linking capabilities in bullets and lists, those aren’t exclusive when it comes to build a complete and robust ecosystem beyond an outliner. Thorough, reflexive, associative and creative texts also benefit from the formatting, indentation and the diverse ways of structuring the info. in a note or writing, whichever its nature; and being able to refer any part of your note it’d be no other than a powerful implementation for a fuller rounded tool. If I wanted an outliner I wouldn’t be using Obsidian having dedicated apps for that purpose.

Regarding block embbeding, I read that has interoperability issues which I’d rather not suffer eventually. It’s not quite what I’m looking for, for I want to be able to discern a word or line from a block, even if it’s part of one.

On an ending note, please don’t take this comment with excessive acrimony; far my purpose. Despite of the above, thank you for the quick reply and your suggestion. I really appreciate the intention, bittersweet, of giving me a helping hand.

It does seem like markdown is the markup language you want it to be. I’ve not heard of any flavor of markdown supporting links at such a detailed level.

Even the block level links which Obsidian provides is not possible in many variants of markdown.

So utilising either tags, or block links seems to be the best approach within Obsidian. Theoretically you could also use decorated tasks/alternate checkboxes to accommodate some of this, but it’ll have a different visual style.

I’m not too knowledgeable in various plugins, but I’ve not heard of any providing links at such a low level as you’re describing.

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