iFrame of local html file is not showing anything

Steps to reproduce

Load any local html file inside iframe.
I tried several syntax for local file eg. ( src="file:///)

Expected result

I wanted to see the html file show inside iframe.

Actual result

There is emptiness inside iframe file.


  • Operating system: Mac OS
  • Obsidian version: 0.82

Additional information

<iframe id="serviceFrameSend" src="Path/test.html" width="800" height="8000" frameborder="1">


we don;t support that at the moment. It’s a current limitation of electron. I move this to feature request.

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Please make it happen :pray:t3: As the Obsidian is primary offline software this should be supported. With this feature user can cover many missing features in Obsidian. It will also allow more flexibility for plugin development! Thank you a lot


Hello WhiteNoise,
I tried to learn Electron a bit. I made a HTML which had some tags referring to https://videojs.com/html5-video-support/ (As I know, the referred sit provides kind of a video player) and then made a main.js which was used by Electron. Then the result program can pick local video files and play them.
Do you think the Obsidian can do the same thing or better ? I really hope the Obsidian can play videos and set the timestamp in playing.

For anyone else stumbling across this thread in search for the same answer.
There is a way to do it, as described in the parent post of this thread:

<iframe src=file:///Users/yummy/path/to/vault/res/abc.html></iframe> :+1: