Allow to open local file

Odd. I got this to work earlier (dragging with cmd+opt held from DEVONthink into Obsidian to create a DEVONthink item link), but now I can’t make it happen again. (Note: the option key is the alt key; many Mac keyboards have alt printed on the key!)

It will always work from a DEVONthink window to a DEVONthink window, though. You may want to use the DEVONlink plugin to quickly open a note you’re working on in DEVONthink and then use this workflow.

This is not possible, however. If the file is stored in DEVONthink, you can’t embed/transclude it in Obsidian (using the DEVONthink link). Obsidian doesn’t have the capability of rendering a DEVONthink item link embed.

Thanks so much Ryan for your reply.
Ok if embedding images stored in Devonthink doesn’t work, I will simply move those images in the obsidian vault.

However, I now use Devonthink to view all my imported MD notes on iPhone. If I just index those notes, I can still see the names on iPhone but when I click on “download” nothing happens and I can’t see the notes.

Is there some other way I can do this?
If not, I guess I’ll have to wait for the Obsidian ios version to come out.

Not sure, sorry. You might want to reach out to DEVONthink support!

Hello all,

first of all, I really like Obsidian software and recommend it to everyone, who I think could benefit from it.

I would like to ask if it is possible to somehow include links to the local server share. I thought that Obsidian could be well used as an organization’s knowledge base. I noticed that I cannot use the file:/// syntax for links like:


If it should be posted as a separate question, please let me know. Thank you!


Sorry, I don’t know about it.

And I think it is better if you re-post this question in #get-help section, because this is archived topics, and few/no people will read your question in here.

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Thank you!

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Will [File](/…) be allowed without file:// in front of the path ?

Don’t know if you’ve found an answer or solution, but if not, try this:

[Network - Depts\Medicine](<file:///\\fileshare\Departments\Medicine>)

That should work.

The “Network - Depts\Medicine” part that is between the square brackets is just a description for you to describe that it’s from the network server, and the section of the network server that you are linking to.

The part that is between the parentheses is the link to your server share.

Hi, @N1755L Latest version of Obsidian encodes all included links and solves this issue.

Thank you!


Oh… Nice! So is this only for files within the vault, or any linked file on your PC? Thanks.

Wait a sec, oh, we’re talking about network shares? Seems I have the latest version, v0.12.3, but if I link to a local file, and then decide to move that file to a different folder, my link within Obsidian is broken. Are you referring to something different than this?

I think this is expected behavior, as Obsidian will not track files outside of the Vault.

It looks like there is a bug with OneNote files. In OneNote you can generate links to notebooks and to parts inside of a notebook. If I paste one of the links generated to a notebook it works fine, but the link to parts doesn’t.

In edit mode we have to following:

while in preview mode we have

I dont see why the second one is not showing up properly. Ty all!

There are spaces in the second link, in the “El rey de los foros” part. Those spaces should be replaced with %20 so that the link is percent-encoded.

Damn, you are right :sweat_smile: . Because it was automatically putting %20 in the first case I assumed it would for the second. So, it turns out you can copy paste the link to a section, but for links inside sections you have to manually fill with %20

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I have a closely related problem with linking files in the vault. Suppose my vault’s file structure looks like:

res is a folder.

In, I’d like an embedding of abc.html. The following attempts don’t work with either of three options (shortest path possible, relative path to file, absolute path in vault) in Preferences → File → New Link Format :

<iframe src=res/abc.html></iframe> :x:
<iframe src=/res/abc.html></iframe> :x:
<iframe src=./res/abc.html></iframe> :x:

However, absolute path works:

<iframe src=file:///Users/yummy/path/to/vault/res/abc.html></iframe> :+1:

However, the absolute path will change across machines. How can users use relative paths (e.g. ./res/abc.html) instead?

This might not be possible (i.e., it might require a feature request.) Have you tried Obsidian’s form of embedding?

![file description](link/to/file.html)

I’m not sure if that’s meant to work with HTML—it does with PDF, though.

![[abc.html]] and ![asdf](abc.html) render as a link to .html file but does not actually render the html content like in an <iframe>.

I figured. Looks like you should add your support to the following: