Allow to open local file



Or allow to open Devonthink link

like : open “devonthink-item://adfawefadf-4534534-5435345”


Not sure about the full file path scenario, but you should be able to do protocol links like devonthink with regular Markdown syntax. E.g. [Devonthink link](devonthink-item://adfawefadf-4534534-5435345)

But it still can’t open devonthink app.

@Steve_yang, I’m not a Devonthink user, but I did try with a steam:// url and it worked on Windows. What operating system are you on?

devonthink link it works.

But local file can’t

Yeah, doesn’t look like they’re working for me, either. There are two (maybe three) distinct issues here:

  1. Any link with a space in it immediately breaks the rendering of the link (presumably because space is an invalid URL character)
  2. Markdown doesn’t like the backslashes, and in the rendering, they end up converted to %5C
  3. Aside from rendering issues, I don’t think the app would even open a local link anyway (I edited a link in the dev tools so it rendered right, but clicking the link still did nothing)

Definitely something to consider for development.

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There is a URI pattern for the filesystem. Here’s an example for Windows:
Obsidian doesn’t seem to recognize this as a valid external link.

1 Like Markdown can handle gaps: insert %20. Do you have any idea how to link to a file elsewhere on the hard disk on a Mac?

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try this text launcher.ahk by dave3456 from Dynalist forum

it can open urls and file directory, maybe someone who knows ahk can improve or add more features like opening certain application based on their extension, eg *.html will open in a browser.

@subie Thanks for that. I was not looking for a launcher, just the link syntax. I’m on a Mac and it works a bit differently from Windows.

When I was on Windows in the past I used AHK - marvellous program, although I never mastered the coding :disappointed:

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Opening links to local files works by using Typora as external editor, please implement the same feature for the internal obsidian markdown editor !

Thank you for our efforts


i also need this feature badly.

@pwmd Thanks for the DevonThink (x-devonthink) tip, works great using Typora. The MD test-files I’m sharing between DT and Obsidian are stored in and Obsidian vault on iCloud and indexed in DT, not stored in DT.

This is added in v.0.7.1


  • We now allow [File](file:///...) links in preview.

Not sure if it works MacOS, iOS, Android, and Linux .

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[File](file:///...) works on windows

Do you plan to implement images too ?
<img src="file:///..."></img>
are not working



%E4%B8%AD%E6%96%87 = “中文”


Please open a separate feature request for embeds, thanks!

Please file a separate bug instead of appending to an existing feature request, thanks, otherwise we’ll never be able to close this… :laughing:

(Looks like someone already filed it: External-links with a Chinese name do not work)

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Yes I believe it works, at least it should. If you have repro steps that it doesn’t work for a certain OS, file a bug.

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would it possible for a plugin to open local files? something like ZimDesktopWiki Default Application