iCloud disabled for Obsidian?

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[x] iOS
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Obsidian Mobile version: v0.0.17

I have searched the forums for an explanation but couldn’t find one.
Sorry if this has been covered before.

Until last week I had no problem using my previously (on iOS) created iCloud vault on both Mac and iOS. This week I started noticing that I couldn’t drag files from my desktop to my Obsidian vault on the macOS iCloud drive in the Finder. I thought it could be a rights issues so I checked and tried to fix that but it didn’t solve it.

I decided to backup my vault and create a new one via the mobile app. The app stated “You cannot access or create vaults in iCloud because it’s disabled for Obsidian”. I didn’t see this before so I’d love to understand why this is?

This makes it currently impossible for me to use/test the beta since I can’t access my notes anymore. Is this something that will be available again in the near future? I really hope so, I contributed to be a supporter, but I don’t have the means to purchase a sync subscription.

Thanks for any clarification.

That error message only shows up when your iOS device has blocked Obsidian from using iCloud. You can change the setting from iOS’s system settings app > Your Apple ID > iCloud > Make sure that “iCloud Drive” and “Obsidian” are both turned on.

Thanks @licat, that’s a relief.

Last question… do you know why it’s not possible to drag files on macOS into the iCloud folder that is created on iOS? I noticed I can copy/paste but not drag/drop.

Yes it’s an ongoing bug with iOS that we still haven’t found a resolution yet. See [Bug] Drag-n-Drop to iCloud folder on Mac - #5 by Daveb08

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