iCloud disabled on iPhone

Steps to reproduce

Downloaded Obsidian app on iPhone 8 (for the first time, i’ve just started using this software), attempted to make a new vault and enable Store in iCloud

Did you follow the troubleshooting guide? [Y/N]


Expected result

aforementioned iCloud sync toggle enabled and able to be toggled

Actual result

App says “This option is not available right now because iCloud is disabled for Obsidian”, toggle can not be switched or interacted with. (a similar warning also appears on the main screen of the app, which says “You cannot access or create vaults in iCloud because it’s disabled for Obsidian”


I cannot paste the debug info here, as im still on the starting page of the app, however i am using Version 1.4.16 on iOS version 16.0

Additional information

i DO have icloud enabled for the obsidian app on my phone (see screenshot)

i have reinstalled the app several times and restarted my phone once, and this issue persists. In my search to fix this issue i found this thread which is from 2021 and seems to be about the same issue as im having. this thread is marked as solved (i think), however the solution is just enabling the apps access to iCloud, which i have done already. i also found this thread, but the offered solution of a restart did not solve my issue

No idea how to help you. You could try disabling and enabling could again and restart the phone.
Do you have the latest version of 16.x?

Yeah, i updated to the latest version and restarted again. Still didnt work :confused:

I figured out the issue!! I had disabled icloud syncing for the files app on my phone. I think because obsidian iOS didnt have access to the files it couldn’t create the necessary directories, so thought that it just didn’t have access to iCloud. As soon as I enabled the files app to access my iCloud the issue went away :3

Thanks for letting us know.

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