How to troubleshoot Obsidian Sync and recover notes? (moving files around caused some files to be lost)

I have faced some note losses yesterday, and I am looking for some help here on how to recover all lost files and how to troubleshoot what caused the loss.
I have Obsidian Sync on multiple devices.

What happened?

Yesterday I moved all notes in a folder to another (folder merge somehow). I’ve selected all files within origin folder via Obsidian “Files” pane, then dragged them into destination folder. After all files were moved and sync process completed, I deleted the folder, again via Obsidian “Files” pane.

(Strangely, the deleted folder reappeared at some point during the day on the main machine and on other devices with just a few notes left in. So I re-deleted it, as I previously moved all notes and checked they were duplicates.)

Then I realized a few hours later that I was missing files. In Obsidian Sync “Deleted files” View and restore deleted files (View or Bulk restore) they don’t show up. Thankfully, I had a backup with Git, so I could check which files were missing and reimport them.

But why some files disappeared and how to normally recover them with Sync is the question?

There are around 40 files that were lost (from what I remember), all were initially located in the original folder that I merged. Most haven’t been used recently, and were alphabetically distributed, so no risk of a miss when I have selected all files within the original folder with Shift+click.

It’s troubling that they are not reported in Obsidian Sync “Deleted files” option to view and restore deleted files (View or Bulk restore).

Other infos

Debug info: Obsidian Debug info - pop3y3 - 2024-05-03 -


Obsidian Sync making deleted files reappearing again seems linked with this Obsidian Sync repeatedly restoring deleted files