How to sync Obsidian for free btw PC and iPhone/iPad

I have checked many videos on YouTube and the messages available in this forum.

I would like to sync my Daily Notes between my PC and myiPhone for free.
I understand you’re supposed to be able to do so using iCloud.

Has anyone advice on this?
Thank you

I suspect the usual advice would be “Don’t!”

Why not?

Many threads about problems with iCloud sync, especially if it involves non-Apple hardware.

iCloud is idiosyncratic and believes it knows best, even when it works. Some say they have it working. And, I suspect it usually does work some or most of the time even with PCs. But for sync, you usually need it to work all the time.

It’s worth checking the discord as well as the forum.

So what would be a better, free alternative?

You can try icloud. If it works satisfactory, great. If it doesn’t, there is no other free solution.

Can you do it between a PC and an iPhone without a subscription?
If so, the Obsidian App on my iPhone offers 2 options:

  • How to sync
  • Create a new Vault

Should I create a new Vault and give it the same name as the one on my PC?

please, read the doc page I linked.

I did but even with same name, the Vault on my iPhone remains empty.
Has anyone be successful with that: sync their PC (not MAC) with their iphone using the Obsidian free plan and iCloud?

I use iCloud and switch between my iPhone, iPad & PC. Only once did PC kick up a fuss so far. It was not syncing but soon fixed by logging out of iCloud on PC and back in again. Not sure why this happened. Not happened since and when it did it was obvious it wasn’t working so not a big deal. Writing this on my iPhone and I would recommend it iCloud for free so far…

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I use Obsidian (free plan) on a phone, a couple of iPads and my PC with iCloud as well as a couple of other apps (1Writer & beorg) on all devices. From time to time iCloud sync is slow on the PC but the other devices are fine and fast. Have used beorg on iCloud for about a year without any major issues. Probably 1Writer and Obsidian for about 6 months and again without major issues. The small problems I have encountered have been obvious and no worse than those encountered with OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox. Hope this helps.

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Ok, consider myself a beginner.

  1. I have had Obsidian on my PC for a year or so. My Vault is installed in a OneDrive folder so as to create a backup of it incase my computer crashes.
  2. I never used iCloud before. I only kept my data on my iPhone and never felt like using iCloud.
  3. IiCloud is now installed on my PC. What should I do next? Can I keep my Vault in OneDrive or am I forced to moved to iCloud?

I think you can connect OneDrive to your iPhone.

I use Syncthing and Mobius Sync companion app on iphone. Syncthing makes it pretty easy with many forms of version control to select.

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Thanksn can you please elaborate: Where do you store your Obsidian database on your PC? How to make it accessible through Syncthing and Mobius? Thanks?


I use the plugin Remotely Save to sync my vault via WebDAV. This plugin works on iPhone/iPad but not on Android.

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