Syncthing + Möbius Sync on iOS

The official doc suggests that on iOS, Syncthing is not supported to sync one’s vault. I found at least one post in here (How to sync Obsidian for free btw PC and iPhone/iPad - #14 by gertkeno) though of someone suggesting they got it to work using Möbius Sync. I’ve tried that but since I’m only able on iOS to either sync using Obsidian Sync or create a new vault, I haven’t been able to access the Syncthing (through Möbius) shared vault in the Obsidian iOS app. I thought about changing the location where Möbius stores the files to “Obsidian” on “On my iPhone” as How to open obsidian project on iphone suggested but so far I haven’t been able to figure out if that’s even possible.

Anyone got an idea?

Yes - just wrote up some details on this method, see Sync Mac/PC and iOS using Syncthing + Möbius Sync

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