How can you change font size in pinned sidebars in 0.16?

Things I have tried

  • Going into Settings and increasing the Font Size setting in the “Appearance” section.
  • Turning on the “Quick font size adjustment” setting, clicking on a sidebar note to focus on it, and using the trackpad’s pinch-zoom gesture.
  • Making sure I had theme-changes disabled, and used the default theme, just in case that was blocking font size changes somehow.

While the font size of notes in the centre panes does increase, the font size of notes pinned to the left or right sidebar does not.

What I’m trying to do

I installed the latest 0.16 build with the default theme, and absolutely love it except for one thing: my pinned sidebar notes are in a smaller font and very hard to read. I’d like to increase them to match my centre pane’s font size, so my older eyes can read them.

Any suggestions?


  • Erik.

There was a similar thread at UI font in 0.16.0 is too small but this was closed, per the poster’s own hack workaround.

To me, this reflects my view that the sidebar font size in Minimal was always too small (IMHO).

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