UI font in 0.16.0 is too small

Things I have tried

The UI font size is 13 and 12 in the search result pane. They are too small. Is it possible to make them larger?

What I’m trying to do

I did not find any option in the setting that can make the UI font larger.

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Does zooming the entire interface with Cmd+= and Cmd± work for you, or would that make your note’s font too large in relation?

I see there is a setting for the notes font:

So you could zoom in and then make your notes smaller.

I found the following css attributes will helpful for adjusting the font size. Change the values according to your needs.

  --font-smallest: 0.9em;
  --font-smaller: 1em;
  --font-small: 1em;
  --font-ui-smaller: 16px;
  --font-ui-small: 16px;
  --font-ui-medium: 16px;
  --font-ui-large: 20px;
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thank you for the suggestion.

After digging into the css, I found that the UI font-sizes are configured separately. And it is not associated with the font size of the note. It can be a FR for adding a setting for UI font-size in the setting pane.

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This UI zoom level setting will be added in 0.16.1

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