Hotkeys related to selecting and swapping headings

Use case or problem

It can be tedious to select all content of a heading including the heading itself and move it within a note.

Proposed solution

A hotkey to select all content of highest H heading level based on cursor location would save a lot of time.

This could be extended with an additional hotkey to expand selection upwards to the entire heading that previous selection was within.So if initial hotkey selected an H6 heading, this second hit key would select the entire H5 that the initial H6 heading was within. I think this hotkey could work even without a selection, but based on what heading the cursor is within.

With an entire heading selected, you could use the swap line up/down to rearrange one line at a time. Or there could be a hotkey to swap up/down the entire heading and content cursor is within.

Related feature requests (optional)