Drag and Drop to rearrange heading in TOC panel

It will be nice if it able using “Ctrl drag”(or other modifier key) to rearrange heading, including all the lower level headings and contents in the TOC panel.


The heading outline is a great tool for quickly skimming and jumping around a note. I think the ability to do some editing directly from this outline would be very convenient, and for me would go a long way to bridging the gap between Obsidian’s heading-based organization and the more familiar nested-bullets outliner organization.
For example, drag-and-dropping a heading to a different position in the outline and having the heading in the file, plus everything below it, shift to that position relative to the other headings in the file. You could even have the ability to promote/demote headings, similar to how folders work in a lot of sidebar file managers: e.g. drag an H1 into another H1 to turn it into an H2 subheading, and drag an H1 into that to make it an H3.


Came looking for this. Rearranging the headings in the outline pane would be incredibly helpful, and the most efficient way to organize a note. And that ability to promote/demote headings during the process would be next level. This is my top desired feature, after a mobile app.


I would love this feature! +1

Is TOC panel the same as outline pane? If so I think this thread should be merged with Ability to drag and drop headings from outline view to re-order blocks of text.

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Super feature! +1

Perhaps another feature that could be natural in this plugin is to ‘copy paste’ the TOC itself. A right-click on the TOC tree wouldn’t be invasive.


Interesting. What if we could right-click the TOC tree and either copy the outline itself or optionally we could copy the contents of the outline (i.e. the actual text contained in those heading sections).


Ability to drag and drop headings from outline view to re-order blocks of text.


I was about to request this too! :sweat_smile: I would certainly love this feature.

We might also consider making this a plugin. I personally would love this feature but I’m not quite sure if it’s a “core” feature for the devs.


Just adding my +1 on that! It would be immensely useful!


since we already have basic “move block of text” in the editor (by just draggin a selection)
it would even be just enough to let Obsidian SELECT the heading and all its subcontent (maybe by cntr+click) so that we can move it in the editor

or if we could reorder simply in the Outliner, even better (i could trash Scrivener, then :wink:

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Another idea is the possibility to synchronize the outline with the note, so that operations in the outline are mirrored in the note.

  • Rearranging the outline items rearranges the corresponding sections in the note.
  • Collapsing one or more headings in the outline collapses the corresponding section(s) in the note.

This could be achieved with a toggle, or by holding a key pressed, or both.


I love the idea of drag and drop rearrangement of headings!

It could also be cool if Outline could go into an Edit Mode so that you could swap headings upwards and downwards, rename them and even add new headings and subheadings using tabs rather than typing hashtags.

I have two related requests here: Expanded Outline plugin abilities

and Indent driven auto heading creation mode



Just to second this, directly editing TOC would be super helpful when you have a long note with a lot of moving parts, and it would be pretty natural to want to fit some text under new/different heading since their content are constantly evolving too! Really hoping this feature would be added soon.


+1 to this. Is there a community plug in that could make this work? Re-arranging blocks of text in the outline mode would be huge.


+1 It would be a game-changing feature!!

I find a similar feature Arrange Markdown Blocks | Drafts Directory hope it helps.

+1 for this feature. I love it n Roam moving headings between notes. Absolut power feature.

+1 from me. With the mobile app here, this is now my #1 most wanted feature in Obsidian

+1 From me

+1. I have the same idea.