Select All, Copy, Paste in the command list


Could you please consider adding “select all”, “copy”, and “paste” to the command list?

Use case or problem

These core functions are missing from the current command list. By enabling them (which should be quite simple), you can now do a number of cool things, for instance:

  • On phones and tablets, performing these actions are difficult without an attached keyboard. Being able to get access to them via the “perform command” downswipe would simplify things
  • Getting access to data inside Obsidian from other apps is very difficult. With the advanced URI plugin, however, you can perform named commands. With this, you can now force a copy of a file into the clipboard by performing a load, select all, and copy trio of commands. Now iOS shortcuts can manipulate the contents of a file and paste it back into Obsidian.
  • Several other plugins use the list of commands as a toolset - enabling these three functions will help them as well.

Proposed solution

Pretty straightforward - just add “select all”, “copy” and “paste” to the list of commands

Current workaround (optional)

  1. Plug in external keyboard
  2. If on a windows machine, use a thirdparty app like Autohotkey
  3. On a phone, there are no easy workarounds for the automated use-case.

Related feature requests (optional)

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