Hotkey to toggle folded/unfolded state of current line or section (if section contains child lines)

Hi -

I would love to get a hot key to toggle folding for the current line.

I’m a pretty big user of text folding - typically in outliners - and now happily in my markdown files. So much of Obsidian is keyboard-only drivable already; I’d love to be able to fold sections of my notes away without having to reach for the mouse. Really helps keep me in the flow if I can just make stuff happen by typing.



I am surprised that this request has not appeared yet. Is it planned for future releases?




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EDIT: Confirmed. Will be implemented in 0.7.3

I believe this one will definitely should and would be implemented. I hope we will see hotkeys for default and vim mode, especially because it could be achieved without extra effort.



Sorry, it will be out in 0.7.4 instead. 0.7.3 was released to fix a quite serious folder rename issue.


Awesome! You all are so responsive!

Related feature request

Thanks! Going to merge these two :slight_smile:

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Is there a hotkey that can be assigned for “collapse/expand present item”? Ideally, one that toggles an outline item (including headings) open and closed? It would be great to have. OmniFocus has a good implementation: in the outline view there, you can collapse/expland one or all items.

What I would really love is also to have a way to collapse all except for the present block. That would really show the advantages of the document-based, headings-within-a-page approach: an evergreen note might be 4 pages long when fully expanded, but if there where eight h2 headings, I could quickly switch to looking at only a half-page of text (with all but one heading collapsed).


+1 on this one. And if possible I’d like to be able to use it with Vim mode too, using the fold keybinds. :slight_smile:

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Plus 1 for including zc and zo in the vim keybindings to close and open folds respectively.

Implemented as of 0.7.6.

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Is there a reason for having separate key binds for folding/unfolding all headings & lists? C.f. toggling on the current line:

Screenshot 2020-07-14 at 17.57.39

It’d be useful to toggle the fold on all items with one key bind. Maybe I’m being short-sighted, but having separate ones seems odd. :thinking:

Thank you for making this epic software!


Concur. +1 for having the same key for folding/unfolding all lists and/or headings

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