Keyboard shortcut to collapse/expand heading?

Is there a keyboard shortcut to collapse / expand the current heading?

I found this topic: Hotkey to toggle folded/unfolded state of current line or section (if section contains child lines) - #4 by mrjackphil, which is now archived so I cannot add comments there. It wasn’t clear to me from reading that thread whether a keyboard shortcut for this was added or not?

No there isn’t exactly a command that toggles folding on/off for the current heading.

  1. Fold all headings and lists
  2. Unfold all headings and lists
  3. Toggle fold on the current line
  4. Fold more
  5. Fold less

I recommend pinning commands 1-2 and 4-5 to command palette. Or you could use cmd/ctrl + s to fold less and cmd/ctrl + shift + s to fold more. The problem is that these same shortcuts can be used more efficiently with other commands like editor mode / QuickSwitcher++.

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