Hotkey to Indent Entire Line Regardless of Cursor Position

Use case or problem

Having to relocate cursor to beginning of line to indent is a drag.

Proposed solution

A solution would be a hotkey that allows you to indent entire line without first having to move cursor to beginning of line. This is already the case for unindenting.

Current workaround (optional)

VIM and macros can do this but will inevitably become more complex than this simple solution.


I would welcome that feature as well.

The “non-mirrored behavior” with Tab and Shift-Tab if the cursor is not at the beginning of the line can be a bit of a struggle: If you re-indent a listitem with Shift + Tab by accident and try to revert it by hitting Tab, you’ll butcher the listitem even more.

Suggestion: Use Tab as hotkey

It seems ideal to make Tab always indent list itemsÂą

  • Currently, it always inserts four spaces (or an actual tab symbol).
  • Multiple spaces are ignored in markdown preview, so it seems unlikely that any users currently rely on the option of “mid-list space insertion”

1: assuming the Smart Lists feature is enabled.

This change would allow an easy way of fixing list indentations by navigating with Up/Down while either hitting Tab or Shift + Tab.


Essentially this feature request has been implemented for a long while now, but there is one final little detail that would put it across the end line in my opinion. I believe it would be really nice if the autocomplete popup didn’t get triggered when tabbing to indent a bullet item while the cursor is within a link. I don’t see how having tab trigger the autocomplete helps otherwise. Perhaps I should create a separate request since this is debatable.