Disable link autocomplete from Tab, Shift Tab, Alt Up, Alt Down press

Use case or problem

When indenting or swapping a line while the cursor is within a link, I would like to not have to escape the autocomplete each time.

Proposed solution

To make life easier, perhaps Obsidian could have link autocompletion disabled when the Tab, Shift Tab, Alt Up, or Alt Down key is pressed.

Current workaround (optional)

I try to keep the cursor at the beginning of the line to avoid entering within links when navigating a list using arrows. Unfortunately this isn’t perfect as explained below. Another workaround is to have a macro hotkey to trigger Tab (or others)then Esc after a brief delay.

Related feature requests (optional)

Here is a help topic that deals with the cursor jumping within links when traversing through lists of links: Should the cursor always stay at beginning of wrapped line when navigating with up & down? . I add this because this issue contributes to my difficulty. If I could more easily keep the cursor at the beginning of lines, it would be a decent workaround to avoid getting the autocomplete when tabbing to indent an item or using set hotkeys for swapping.

Here is a link to an open feature request that asked for tabbing to indent lines regardless of cursor location: Hotkey to Indent Entire Line Regardless of Cursor Position - #3 by I-d-as . I mention there that the feature request can be closed, but it would surely make things easier if the autocomplete wasn’t triggered.