Should the cursor always stay at beginning of wrapped line when navigating with up & down?

Things I have tried

After searching the forum and experimenting with different situations, I still cannot figure out what the normal behavior of the cursor should be.

What I’m trying to do

In the Help Vault when I create a new note and compose a bullet list of links with long names, I would like to figure out the logic of the cursor position when I place it at the beginning of a line before the dash and navigate up and down with arrows. For the wrapped lines, there is an inconsistency to whether the cursor stays at the far left or jumps in a bit.

For context, my workflow often has me reordering long links in bullet lists. In order to make this process a little less chaotic and distracting to keep track of cursor location, I place it at the beginning of the line before dash. I then proceed to navigate up and down the list with arrow keys all the while often swapping lines heavily. If I do this with line wrap off, the cursor stays at the beginning of the line. However, with line wrap on, quite regularly the cursor will jump in to the beginning of the second word on the wrapped line. Consequently, I lose my precious positioning of the cursor at the beginning of the line the next time I press up or down.

I find this strange because as far as I can see this only happens sometimes and only with bullet lists with line wrapped links. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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