Double-Enter to move bullet indentation back

When a user performs a double-enter on a sub bullet the indentation moves back one place.

This pattern creates a move fluid writing experience for someone that heavily uses bulleted lists and is already the norm in most word processing platforms (like Google Docs) or like in Dynalist ;).

I know that SHIFT+TAB accomplishes the same effect, but have a preference for the ENTER+ENTER since I already have to hit the enter key to start the next bullet.


Succinctly explained.

Although your post was made one day earlier, manassadasivuni made the same request it seems, which received more attention:

Pressing enter should reduce the list indent level on an empty list item

About the double-enter behavior in lists:

Interestingly enough, they described a different behavior:
The indentation does not decrease, but the list is escaped entirely.

This is also true for me:

  • The bullet point is removed
  • A carriage return and line feed is inserted
  • Result
    • The cursor is set two lines below the last list item, at the first position.
  • Details
    • “Smart Indentation” Feature enabled
    • Shift + Tab decreases list indentation, but won’t remove the bullet point
    • OS: Linux

I think the double enter would be helpful.

Do you see it only outdenting the line when the cursor is at the beginning. I assume not, but just double checking since one of the nice things about shift Tab is that it works regardless of where the cursor is within the line. If the double enter did that, I’d be doubly for it.

Now we just have to get indenting hotkey to work regardless of cursor location. Please forgive me for linking. Even though my linked request talks shift Tab, I am totally on board with the double enter for the very fact that you are already on the enter key half the time as explained in request: Hotkey to Indent Entire Line Regardless of Cursor Position


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