Hitting Enter/Return on a new note creates a new line

Hi there,

When I am creating a new note that doesn’t exist, hitting enter will create a new line.

If I then hit backspace, an auto-suggestion for the name of the new note will show up, and THEN I can hit enter, and have it auto-complete as expected.

But before moving forward, and then back into the link, the auto-completion suggestion for the new note doesn’t appear, and a new line is entered.


The intended behaviour is that it should autocomplete the link and exit the caret out of the link.

This might be slightly related to the bug where hitting tab on a new note causes extra brackets. Related, because they both concern the hotkeys used to autocomplete a brand new note.


Thanks, This is more a feature request than a bug.

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Maybe not a ‘bug’ perse, but the behavior isn’t intuitive (enter intuitively would complete the link, just like linking to an existing page). Continuity in the UI/UX is important.

Yeah I wasn’t sure whether it was a feature or bug. The reason I took it to be a bug is that it is possible to make the suggestion box appear after hitting backspace. So it is inconsistent. It seems like it should appear.

It would at least definitely be nice to have a hotkey to complete the link. Right now you have to use the arrows, or enter/backspace/enter.


This would definitely help with making the UI more consistent and muscle memory friendly, since otherwise I have to remember that hitting enter may or may not be safe when typing a wikilink.

I actually think this would be appropriate for most paired markdown formatting that is currently autcompleted by Obsidian. I almost never want a line break in between those symbols. (As opposed to YAML or code blocks which don’t get autocompleted anyway.)

This will be implemented in 0.11.4

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