Pressing Enter when text cursor is inside a link should open the link, not insert newline

Use case or problem

I spent many time in editor mode, moving inside current file and between files with keyboard. When I want to follow the link under text cursor with keyboard, I should press Alt+Enter. But every time I do this, I asking a question: why I should press this Alt with Enter? Why not simple Enter? I never want a newline in any links. I suppose, nobody wants insert line-break inside his link.

Proposed solution

So, it will be handy to follow the links by simple Enter in edit-mode.

Related feature requests (optional)

The post you linked to suggests a reason why not. Enter is used to auto-complete a link. If hitting enter or return invoked a link jump, as far as I can imagine, it would become impossible to edit the link. Or it could become much easier to accidentally jump to a new file while attempting to type a link name.

Using modifier keys indicates that you intend to perform some kind of an action. There is a reason you can’t map hotkeys to bare keystrokes without a modifier.