Graph View Physics per Color Group for Graph Layout Consistency and more

Use case or problem

Sometimes you want to be able to give additional personality and add interaction between nodes in graph view. And of course we would like those interactions to be repeatable.

Proposed solution

The color groups and graph time lapse features got me thinking that maybe the graph view physics settings could be on a color group basis.

And now that we have the screenshot time lapse abilities in graph view, there is some real fun and insights to be had through force application to the nodes in graph view. Like perhaps you could individually dial in a direction (with variation), magnitude (with variation), frequency (with variation), sustain (length of force application) (with variation), and maybe a global variation multiplier. An on, off, and pause function would be helpful as well.

In addition to designing programmatic visual interactions of ideas before your very eyes, with some luck, you may be able to force the graph to achieve a somewhat consistent (Save Node Positions in Graph View (Edit and Preview Toggle)) layout with a reasoning behind it that will bring new notes into relevant areas based on your setup.


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