Save Node Positions in Graph View (Edit and Preview Toggle)

I understand there is a complexity of ensuring connections don’t overlap one another in the graph view. One solution could be to save the position of nodes once the user has organized it to their liking.

I propose a toggle button. Once in Edit Mode, users can move around nodes without fear of accidentally clicking a node. In View Mode users can click on the nodes as they normally would but also have that position of nodes saved for the next time they visit the graph.

This mirrors the philosophy behind separating Edit and Preview Mode for notes.

Default Graph
Default Graph

Saved Graph
Saved Graph


In Roamresearch, the graph view notes are fixed, and every time I check the graph view, the layout is basically the same as the last time that saves me time to find the node I need.

In contrast, the layout of OB’s graph view changes every time I open it (if I change my pages), and I can’t find the node/page I need right away.

So, could you provide a feature that fixes the layout of the graph view and move/edit nodes (like a drag, but its position is fixed whenever I open graph view) by myself?

In the end, thanks for developing such a cool tool!


+1 on this, the visual linking of the graph is really powerful for me, however the disorganization and it looking different every time I open it does not flow very well with my brain


I completely agree with the need to allow users to fix the position of the network or pin some nodes.
The network diagram could support the “method of loci”, which is one of the most powerful ways of using external cues to enhance memory and identify connections. This potential is lost if the positions change each time the graph is rendered.


I hope that the state of the graphic view can be saved. In the default layout, some titles are too close. So I need to manually pull them apart to look comfortable. The adjusted layout will disappear next time I open it. On the other hand, if the title can be placed in a fixed position, it will also help form spatial memory in the brain.


I second that, I wish I knew of a way to keep the map the same way so I can organize it manually and know where to expect things.

Thank you!

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Now that it’s possible to create color groups, that’s even more desirable.

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Another vote for this–I often use graph view to check out my orphan notes and islanded note chains, and the instant I click on one (on purpose or by accident), I’ll have lost all track of which ones I already checked out when I go back to the graph.


I would love it if it were possible to save the node position of the graph layout between sessions.

It would be especially helpful in my case where I’m just starting to set up my vault and figure out how I want all of my notes to connect.

Either a ‘edit & view mode’ or a simple ‘lock and unlock positioning’ toggle would be great from a user’s perspective.


I absolutely agree, some sort of “locking/unlocking”-possibility of node positions in graph view would be extremely helpful!


It would really be helpful if this feature is implemented. I’d rather have this, than a mobile version (but you’re already working on the mobile apps ;)). The Graph view is great, but it’s very hard to use properly (and fast) when the location of nodes shift all the time.


I like all others that posted here would love to see this in a fixed state. I am very appreciative of the graph view, but each and every time going in to view it, it could be described as seeing someone else’s graph. I do know it is mine, but the differences with each journey into the graph view make it difficult to comprehend how and where the notes are structured, only because it is, or appears to be random. Don’t get me wrong, once one gets a grasp on where everything is, all is there and in plain view. Keeping it the same would help.



Could you please implement such a tool?
It would be very very helpful!

Many thanks in advance.

would make your nice tool even more useful, so +1

I support this request as well.

1 + it would be great.

I agree, great feature idea.

This would be the single most useful improvement to Obsidian, imo.

Locking a limited number of key nodes in fixed positions would be sufficient to transform the graph view from an exercise in intellectual phallometrics into a useful tool for spatial memorisation

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I think this is necessary for graph memorizing and aesthetic reasons.

+1. yes please !