Timelapse Art

Yesterday I saw a video from @nickmilo. It looks like a piece of Generative Art. Looks really cool :+1:t2:


But I have no such timelapse command in v0.11.4 build. How it works? What are the prerequisites?


It’s working in v0.11.4 for me, maybe it’s a version thing ?

Note: I think the command is only visible when you’re in the graph view. I couldn’t see the command when I open the command panel in a note, so that may be a reason.


@minhthanh3145, thank you, nice tip. Yes it works only in Graph View.

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Thanks for sharing. Love it.

I made a request that might improve these abilities by letting you apply different graph view physics to different color groups and even maybe add some additional force application in the mix. It could also be leveraged to let Obsidian recreate the same graph view layout between sessions: Graph view Physics based on Color Group and More!


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