Graph view doesn't work with [](url)

Hi, I have issue with graph view , it’s just a blank page

Things I Have Checked

Things that i have tried but still can’t see graph view

  • Disable other Community plugins
  • The view showed when i added the forward link in [[link]] in this way but dosen’t show any if i added in this [](url) format…

what to do pls help???

Note: I am just a beginner

How did you write the “url” part of the markdown link ? :blush:

I don’t use markdown links to link my notes to each other but I just tested this in one of my vault and, for a note titled Note 3, I had to write the link like this :

[Note 3](

… to see the link between Note 3 and another note being reflected in the graph view :blush: .

Note that %20 in the “url” part of the markdown link represents the space between Note and 3 as per Obsidian documentation :

When using the Markdown format, make sure to URL encode the link destination. For example, blank spaces become %20 .

i generally copy the obsidian url and paste it.
EX :

You might want to try a markdown link:

  • without the obsidian://open?vault=Obsidian%20Vault&file=
  • with the file extension at the end (.md, I assume)

So something looking like:

[Section 5](

So that would follow the format mentioned in Obsidian’s documentation when it comes to write an internal markdown link:

Obsidian supports the following link formats:

  • Wikilink: [[Three laws of motion]]
  • Markdown: [Three laws of motion]( :point_left:

The “full” obsidian URL you get when you use Copy Obsidian URL (i.e.: obsidian://open?vault=....etc) is the URI of that note which I think has different purposes :blush:

See : Obsidian URI - Obsidian Help

Thank You It works but can you provide a better way for me to add link instead of and edit the link . the reason i use this format is i like to customize the link name instead of having the title in the above img provided the title of note maybe anything but the link can just be shown as section 5 , once again tqs for the help

You can get the same results while using wikilinks ([[Note-title]]) instead of markdown links ([a note]( by using an alias as the display value for the link :blush: .

So the link would look something like:

[[Note-title|Alias or display value goes here]]

See : Aliases - Obsidian Help

E.g.: For your Section 5 link using the wikilink format:

[[Section 5 Technical Support|Section 5]]

Will return a link to the note named Section 5 Technical Support but the link will be displayed as Section 5 :blush:

I would suggest you to consult the various links to Obsidian’s documentation that I left you here and there for more details :blush:

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Thanks for the Help It worked. :grin:

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