Graph view: clicking a node

I would like it if the graph node doesn’t open when I single click on it. When I single click on it, it should light up, like when I hover over a node it shows the other nodes connected to it. And it would be more than enough if I could create a breadcrumb-like trial when I click and select multiple nodes that are connected to each other. Like selecting a whole branch to a specific node. I hope you know what I mean.


I like this idea. Mainly because it will allow for more complicated interactions to take place, such as selecting multiple nodes and doing something with them, such as opening them, or copying the links so you can easily link them somewhere else via paste.

If you double click it, or ctrl/cmd+click it should instantly take you. Perhaps?


This suggestion would, for instance, go well with this other request:

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I personally would enjoy if the “click” was configurable; for instance, when clicking a node, I’d expect it to populate the search, maybe showing all backlinks? In a lot of cases, I don’t create a page for something I backlink – for instance, [[architecture]] doesn’t have a note of its own, but I may use the graph view to see all notes where it was used.

I like this too and something else that would make the graph more useful to me is if the node representing the currently open file could be highlighted so I can immediately see where it is.

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It would be great to see this feature!

100% agree with this feature request, and would really really really like it please!

I’m working on building standup comedy material, and:

  1. It would be nice to click on a node and permanently highlight all the notes associated with that tag/node even if I move my mouse away.

  2. If I click on one node, then another node, it should then only highlight whichever notes/nodes are connected to BOTH those nodes.

clicking on a selected node would then deselect it.

And to add to this, one should be able to select a note or tag from, say, the search bar, and see where in your graph view that node exists. That way, you can start with a specific thought, and then use the graph view to discover interactions or a flow to your story, like the “breadcrumb-like trail” that user @ktkthakre mentioned above.

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Example: I want to see all notes related to my tag about the topic “restaurants”

Then, I also want to click “gross” so I only see which notes have “#restaurants” and “#gross” so I can look at a collection of stories where something gross happened at a restaurant